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SA Sports Gremlin Pistol String and End Caps


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11 in stock

The SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow String and End Caps is the cure for what ails your pistol crossbow. Well-used pistol crossbows will eventually need some parts replaced. The hours will fly by while having fun with target practice and the thousands of shots will take their toll. To continue the max performance and score more bullseyes from long distances, it’s important to keep the Gremlin in perfect working order by replacing pieces that wear down. The SA Sports string is engineered and manufactured for maximum precision and quality, so you can be sure you’re getting the best. The nylon construction offers more durability and elasticity than other materials commonly used in bowstrings. Every string is designed to match your Gremlin exactly and achieve better results than third party strings. Replacing the string can be done quickly and without any extra tools; it may require two people to complete the task. If you don’t own an SA Sports pistol crossbow, the string can be used on most pistol crossbows from other manufacturers and will still provide a significant performance boost. New end caps are important to keep the string from slipping and are included in the package. The SA Sports Gremlin Pistol Crossbow String returns your crossbow to peak function.N/A

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