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Remington Managed Recoil Centerfire Rifle Ammo30-30 Win. 125 gr. Core-Lokt SPCL 20 rd.Brass/


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Muzzle Velocity: 2175 fps ;Core-Lokt Soft point ;Designed for deer and medium size game ;Non-corrosive reloadable brass cartridges ;Muzzle Energy: 1331 ft. lbs


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The Remington 30-30 Winchester Managed Recoil 125 grain ammunition is a Core-Lokt soft point bullet designed for deer and medium size game hunting. The soft point provides broad frontal area for high energy impact, rapid expansion and allows for improved velocity and flatter trajectory. The Remington Managed Recoil load come in reloadable brass casing which feature non-corrosive boxer primer

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