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CrossTac Outfitter SlingBlack with Bilthane LSS ConnectorsBlack/


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Synthetic Biotahne, a super-tough nyolon webbing encased in synthetic with a soft supple, grippy feel (like leather);Adjusts up to 43″ swivel to swivel;Infinitely adjustable buckle;Rapid adjust, single loop design;No moving parts


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Crosstac’s Outfitter Sling is constructed of Biothane, a super-tough nylon webbing encased in synthetic with a soft, supple and grippy feel that almost feels like leather. Performs well in hot, wet, or cold environments. Adjusts up to 43” in length from swivel to swivel. Uses Crosstac’s infinitely adjustable buckle. Rapid adjust, single loop design with a positive locking method. No moving parts, knots to slip, or hooks to bend.

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