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Allen Ruger Cleaning KitCompact HandgunBlack/


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Ruger handgun cleaning kit;15 pieces;Compact and sturdy;Latches securely


24 in stock

The Ruger Compact Handgun Cleaning Kit is a high quality 15 piece handgun cleaning kit that comes in a compact and sturdy tool box with a clear lid that latches securely, all designed to keep you organized. The handgun cleaning kit includes the following: 5 bronze brushes and 5 cotton swabs for .38 Special-.357-9mm, .40 caliber and .45 caliber, Slotted tips for .22 caliber and up as well as .30 caliber and up, Heavy-duty brass cleaning rod and handle, Removable organization tray with space underneath to fit small cleaning accessories, like cotton patches, Tool box with clear lid and solid latches that will stay secure after many uses